Elastic Webbing Tapes

Our elastic webbings are made stretchy from natural latex threads and used as an alternative to or to compliment springs...It isn't overly stretchy and provides optimal resistance level for seating purposes. Our elastic webbings are proven for strength and aging. It retains its elasticity after years and years of use.

Elastic webbing is excellent for high traffic area seating and automotive webbing applications. When applied, it creates a taut surface, yet it has enough give to provide a comfortable, no sagging, flat-surfaced seat. Elastic webbing is used especially in automotive applications and also for many types of furniture, mainly those that required a flat surface i.e. dining chairs, rattan furniture, lounge chairs, sofa settee, passenger seats, outdoor garden chairs, outdoor chaise lounges etc..

High Density Heavy Duty Webbing Tapes

Although webbing may all look similar, there are a few key difference between types of heavy duty webbing we sell. What works for one application, might not work for another. For example, for use as a recovery strap, choose nylon. Webbing ratchet in polyester will work better for tie-downs as it has less stretch than nylon.

Heavy duty nylon webbing offers a unique combination of strength and stretch. With tensile strength ratings ranging from 7000 lbs. to 9800 lbs. per inch of width and a natural ability to stretch approximately 5-7% at rated capacity and approximately 30-33% at breaking strength, nylon cargo webbing is an ideal choice for lifting slings.

Polyester’s lower stretch value makes it ideal for tie-down applications. Sometimes called military webbing, polyester cargo web is strong and lightweight like nylon webbing, but without the stretch of nylon. Its strength and flat profile makes it useful in some applications in place of traditional rope.

Polypropylene Webbing

Our PP webbing is known for its strength and durability. PP webbing is similar to nylon webbing, but it is lighter, less expensive, and easier to sew. PP webbing is commonly used in making sports products, dog leashes, luggage straps, helmet straps, life jackets, camera & camcorder straps, school bags, carpets, safety belts & vests etc

• Good general purpose webbing, suitable for many applications
• Inexpensive
• Easy to sew, eyelet and rivet
• Available in a wide range of colours
• Good abrasion resistance
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Difficult to ignite, burns slowly
• Elongation - Up to 25% at break point


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